Screw aluminum electrolytic capacitors


Screw Terminal Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor, long life for inverter applications and provides high ripple current to extend reliability. Low Voltage, Large Capacity, Low Loss, High ripple. The screw terminal Series product line offers capacitance range from 220µF to 2,000,000µF, voltage ratings from 10VDC to 500VDC, standard capacitance tolerance of ±20% or ±10%, and leakage current of 5 mA, after five minutes at +25ºC. The screw Series has temperature range from -40ºC to +85ºC or 105ºC


  • Large can
  • Screw terminals
  • 10 to 500VDC ratings
  • RoHS compliant
  • High ripple

Screw Terminal List:

CD92 : Low Volatage, Large Capacity, Low Loss, High Ripple, Wide Temp.(-40 ~ +85℃,1000H) 

CD92H : Low Volatage, Large Capacity, Low Loss, High Ripple, Wide Temp. Wide Temp.(-40 ~ +105℃,1000H) 

CD92L : Long Life, High Ripple Current, Extremely Low Impedance(-40 ~ +85℃,2000H) 

CD13N : Medium and High Voltage, Large Capacitance, High Ripple Current(-40 ~ +85℃,2000H) 

CD13NH :High Ripple Current, Wide Temp.(-40 ~ +105℃,2000H) 

CD13L : Long Life, High Ripple Current(-40 ~ +85℃,5000H) 

CD13HL : Long Life, Wide Temp.(-40 ~ +105℃,5000H) 

CD98SK : For Car Audio(-40 ~ +85℃,3000H)

Screw Terminal Size: