About us

Nantong HUAYU Electronics Co.,Ltd, located in Nantong, China, focus on the production of large aluminum electrolytic capacitors.
HUAYU Electronics, a veteran of the electrolytic capacitor manufacturer, is committed to in the aluminum electrolytic capacitor R & D, production for nearly 30 years, snap-in type electrolytic capacitor, screw terminal type electrolytic capacitor to provide more than two years warranty.

Development history:

In 1987, the establishment of Nantong HUAYU capacitor factory
In 1987, the deployment of the first lead type aluminum electrolytic capacitor production line
In 1990, began the development of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, the early production is mainly manual type.
In 1992, the introduction of 3 sets of auto horn type electrolytic capacitor production line
In 1994, set up the working group of bolt type electrolytic capacitor, set up the development and research of bolt type
In 1995, the independent design of three manual bolt capacitor production line
In 1998, the expansion of the horn capacitor production line
In 2000, started to develop overseas markets
In 2003, to prepare the new plant, and registered for the Nantong HUAYU Electronics Co., Ltd. cooperation with the Alibaba, a preliminary attempt to e-commerce platform
In 2005, the introduction of semi automatic bolt electrolytic capacitor production line
In 2006, already in the United States, Australia, Philippines, South Korea and other overseas customers have a fixed
In 2007, give up the lead capacitor production line, mainly the development of horn, bolt type electrolytic capacitor
In 2008, the entire assembly line for the upgrade, automation, the degree of consistency is higher
In 2009, with the Taiwan manufacturers cooperation, the development of aluminum electrolytic capacitor electrolyte, with a large number of counterparts
In 2010, get the ISO9001 management system certification
In 2012, the expansion of the plant, staff quarters equipped with air conditioning, cable TV and optical fiber network
In 2014, with global resources, international cooperation, increase the promotion and promotion of overseas markets